Bobby Curtola to be Featured on HIFI Channel Salutes Series

With filming now completed, Bobby’s fans will be happy that they will be able to hear some great candid stories on an upcoming episode of HIFI Salutes.

HIFI Salutes takes a look at the history of rock and roll in Canada…the pioneers, the dealmakers and the hit makers. The Canadian music scene has grown significantly since its early days, with many internationally recognized artists, but in the 1960s and 1970s, Canadian artists didn’t get much respect or recognition. HIFI Salutes the people who fought to be heard, then rocked our world. These are the untold stories of the Canadian music industry.

They were very excited to interview Bobby, and producer Doug Thompson said, “Bobby was magnificent, as always.  We first met at CJCA in Edmonton in 1963.  Your dad and I were almost crushed against some glass doors of the management offices, as many of Bobby’s female fans had showed up and kept pushing us further and further back.  One of the DJ’s had to break through from behind to get us out of that predicament.”

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