Happy Holidays from Bobby!

Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!

I also wanted to share a very special offer with you over the holidays…

You, my friends and fans, are the first to see this! I am so happy to be able to offer an opportunity to purchase these limited editions of Swarovski Crystals as part of the new Bobby Curtola Jewelry Collection. In the New Year we will presenting a variety of exclusive products by Montreal-based Designer Ryan Rochford.


Bobby Curtola Jewelry (2)

The Snowflake

The definition of a Snowflake is either a single ice crystal or many ice crystals that appear when cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes are magical shapes and sizes that remind us all of the winter season and the Bobby Curtola Jewelry Collection has a limited edition Swarovski ‘Snowflake’ available to hang on your tree or wear on a ribbon to remind you how unique we all are in this universe.

Price: $20.00 plus applicable taxes shipping and handling

The Star

The symbol of a star has always represented the light that leads the way to miracles, dreams and wishes. The Bobby Curtola Jewelry Collection has a  Swarovski beautiful star to represent all the miracles that life has to offer. This star is in honour of all my fans who made my life full of miracles. To me…. you are The Star in my life.

Price: $20.00 plus applicable taxes shipping and handling

The Key

This sophisticated designer edition crystal key is the product of a creative partnership between Swarovski Elements and the legendary Yoko Ono.  Meant to unlock the sky with its peacefulness and the universe with its infinity, this stunningly complex 50mm crystal invites you share the love and peace in your heart – This story struck a deep emotional chord within me, and I trust that you will feel its liberating message every time you look at it.

Price: $45.00 plus applicable taxes shipping and handling

Place your special order by emailing me at alwaysbobbycurtola@gmail.com

Manufactured by MIKA Design Inc. 2013/Swarovski Elements LIC. 115 1012