Great Story From a Super Fan!

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Subject: Fan for 48 Years!

Dear Bobby,

On September 4, 2010, I will be attending the Bobby Curtola show in Calgary and I can hardly wait!
I have been one of Bobby’s most loyal fan for 48 years, since I heard him on the radio as he sang “Fortune Teller”.
In 1965, when Bobby came to the Calgary Stampede, I was a chambermaid at the hotel Bobby stayed in and I got
to clean his room! I didn’t sleep for a week! I still get goosebumps thinking about how excited I was.
Then I went to a concert in Calgary where Bobby was singing and I thought I’d faint with excitement! I was right next to the stage!
4 years ago I got a “Christmas Wish Pillow” with pictures sewn into plastic windows on the pillow.
There was Bobby’s picture, because my sister knew I have always wanted to meet him. That was still my wish!
Now I am going to his concert and I am bringing my pillow, my records and my CD’s that Bobby autographed on
my 60th birthday, 3 years ago. I listen to them all the time and can sing any song off by heart.
I dance around my house, listening to the cd’s snapping my fingers and pretending I am 15 again.
Bobby’s music does that to me!
At 63, I can’t believe I am going to a concert again and I alreay feel so excited.
As Principal of a primary school, I think this is what we all need in our lives.
Someone who gets our blood pumping, a national hero, someone we have followed all our lives and love.
I hope I get a chance to meet Bobby. I feel like he is my friend, because I got to clean his room at the
Highlander Hotel and he left me  some Coke!
At 16, I remember a new-comer to the music scene. The boys in my class tried to dress like him, using
a ton of Brylcream on their hair. I thought he was ridiculous, gyrating all over the stage. Give me Bobby Curtola
anyday I remember thinking. That fellow Elvis was a wierd-o.
At 18, I was still loving Bobby Curtola and Bobby Vinton, and along comes another strange group of boys,
long hair, annoying music, and what a strange name….The Beatles!   Give me my Bobby Curtola.
Well, I am more mature now, I have learned to love Elvis, The Beatles, and lots others, but the records I
have the most of are Bobby Curtola’s.
Thought you’d like to know this, Bobby. You beat out Elvis and Ringo in my books!
See you in September in Calgary. I’ve already got my tickets in my hot little hand!
Your fan for life,
Karen Norton